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We regret to inform you that there are currently no warehouses available for rent or sale. Please contact us: (866) 980-0606 and we can help find something else in your area or we may have listings that have not yet been inputted on our website


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Vallejo Warehouse Market

Vallejo currently features warehouses with (0) for rent. Browse through all of the available listings for industrial space and our agents will be happy to send detailed property reports on any building you would like to review. Our Vallejo commercial real estate office handles both lease and purchase transactions with complimentary advisory services to review agreements, leverage opportunities and schedule tours of available properties.

Vallejo Warehouse Stats

Total Available Listings: 1
Total Square Footage: 29,900 SF

Total For Sale: 1
Average Asking Rate: $133.78 sf/mo
Total Square Footage For Sale: 1
Average Size Available: 29,900 sf
Price Range: $133.78 - $133.78sf/mo

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Warehouse: 1 Listing

Vallejo Warehouse Market